Lack of posts

It has been very quiet round here of late. This wasn’t entirely unexpected, but I had hoped to be posting a little more frequently.

One thing that has been putting me off posting is the knowledge that there is a problem with the formatting when someone comments on a post… but I have no idea how to resolve it!

I might have time to have a look at this after Christmas (along with about a dozen other things I never get time to do)… we shall see.

A whole new world of blogging

Well, here it is… my very own blog… I swore I’d never have one of these as I was sure I’d only post once in a blue moon, but I have now realised that when I do have something to post it would be nice to have somewhere to post it!

The main purpose of this blog is to showcase my knitting patterns, of which, currently, there is just the one. I intend (hope might be a better word) that there will be many more in the future, and have lots of ideas for designs, but time will be my limiting factor.